5 Reasons VoIP Is Necessary to Advance Your Business

If you haven’t made the switch to a VoIP Phone System, what are you waiting for? The time is now to set your business ahead of the rest. VoIP will soon be replacing all business land lines because of all the vast opportunities you have with these systems. Not only are they the wave of the communications future but they also save you money. I’ve listed for you some reasons why VoIP is the answer to your business needs.

Save Money – This one has to be a no brainer, the more money you save by using a VoIP Phone System instead of traditional phone lines, the more you can invest back into your business (or your pocket). VoIP Systems are exceptionally less expensive that traditional phone systems and your phone bill can be completely eliminated.

Efficiency – In today’s business world we want things bigger, better, faster, and stronger how else are we going to get ahead of the competition. Well VoIP Systems do just that, with this technology your phones are now integrated with your computers and from there the possibilities are endless. For Example, you could tie your VoIP Phone System in with your CRM and when a customer calls in all their information pops up right in front of you. Saving you valuable time and opening up opportunities for up-selling.

Metrics – I don’t know if you know this but numbers don’t lie, that is why Big Data is so prevalent in all industries. Business owners what to know if what they are doing is working or maybe what each sales rep is worth to them. So much information and projections can be gathered from the metrics of what goes on, on the phone. Call times, call amounts, down time, etc. the list goes on. With a VoIP phone system you can have a custom wall board tracking any and all information from your phone systems and to take it one step further you could even tie that into your CRM and now we are talking about reports you can only dream of.

Mobile – We all know that in many cases work isn’t over when you leave the office, more and more people are making themselves available to clients well after business hours. The best a traditional phone system can do is forward your calls to your cell phone. Want to know what the best a VoIP Phone can do? I don’t have the time to list it all! Most VoIP Systems come with a mobile app that allows you to have many of the features you use on the office phone, as well as video conferencing.

Looks Aren’t Everything – Who are we kidding, of course looks mean something and now with all the new bells and whistles that VoIP Phones come with your office will be looking quite sleek. Many phones come standard with a nice screen that you can put your own background on and even nicer phones come with a 7″ touch screen! With additional accessories like headsets and Bluetooth plugins your office will be looking sharp.