Top 5 Features of High-Availability Dedicated Servers

Creating an online presence in today’s digital world is important. To do so, it is essential to buy domain names and hosting plans.

One such hosting plan is dedicated server hosting. With a dedicated server in Australia, you can get dedicated resources for your website.

But how do you ensure maximum dedicated server uptime and reliability? High-availability dedicated servers can help. Continue reading to learn more about these servers and their features.

What is a High-Availability Dedicated Server?

High-availability Dedicated Servers are powerful and advanced computer systems. They offer many beneficial features, such as RAID disk towers, redundant connections, effective backup measures, and more.

All these factors ensure maximum uptime and complete reliability. Additionally, it provides scalability as the server settings can be customised to fit specific requirements.

Server downtime can be detrimental for any business, as it can lead to client loss and damage to the business’s credibility. This is why customising server settings to ensure the highest level of uptime can be beneficial.

What are The Top 5 Features of High-Availability Dedicated Servers?

1.      Fail Over

Automatically switching to a standby network or server when the primary network has failure issues is known as failover. The reason for server or network failure may be due to different reasons like maintenance and higher workload. In these cases, the failed server automatically shifts to the standby server without affecting user experience. This helps ensure a lower server downtime.

There are two types of failovers: cold and hot. In cold failover, the standby server is only started when the primary server shuts down, creating a small period of downtime. On the other hand, in hot failover, when the primary server fails, the standby server immediately takes over.

2.      High Availability Clusters

It is referred to as a group of servers that supports applications in case of any server failure due to a high workload. This also lowers the risk of server downtime. The most popular cluster groups are active-active high availability cluster and active-passive high availability cluster.

Active-active high-availability clusters consist of two or more nodes that run actively on the same service. The workload is divided between the nodes, and this helps achieve workload balance.

Active-passive high-availability clusters also consist of two or more nodes, but not all nodes run simultaneously. This means that the secondary node remains in standby mode.

3.      Scalable Private Cloud

It is referred to as a cloud computing system that offers elasticity, self-service, and a high level of scalability. A scalable private cloud allows you to deploy resources whenever you need them.

This means that whenever you need storage space, bandwidth, CPU, or memory, you can upgrade and deploy these resources. Additionally, it offers the highest level of control and security measures.

4.      Ultra-High Performance Servers

It offers a huge computing capacity to ensure high-level performance. It is a dedicated solution that caters to workloads.

An ultra-high-performance dedicated server consists of many features, such as offsite backups, 64-256 GB RAM, redundant cooling units and power supply, and more. Additionally, it allows you to upgrade power in case it is required.

5.      Load Balancing Dedicated Servers

Load balancing is the process of dividing web traffic among several servers without any disruptions. A load balancer is a software or hardware that offers the benefits of load balancing.

Users are connected to the load balancer when they visit your website, and then they are directed to the server by the load balancer. This ensures that all servers are used appropriately.


If website visitors cannot access your website, it can damage your business reputation and sales. Therefore, it is very important to have maximum guaranteed server uptime for your dedicated server.

High-availability dedicated servers are very easy to set up and can help you achieve this easily. Their features will help you ensure your website’s success.