If you are addicted with PS3 games and play them for longer hours, then you should be aware of how to copy PS3 games. If you are not, here is simple and vital information on how to copy you favourite video games of PlayStation 3. Different gaming community, sites, blogs and published articles describe how to do this piece of work in a very simple way. It is possible to copy PlayStation 3 games with advance technology oriented copying software. Many gamers are now interested in getting proper knowledge about how to protect their games by copying of PS3 games.

To copy any game, you require a perfect copy of copying software. This software is specifically developed to decrypt encryption code system available on game discs which will work as a copy protector for that particular disc. Software can create a copy of entire game files and paste them at available storage facility in your local hard drive. As per your choice, this software then enables you to burn PS3 games in other blank CDs/DVDs. You can do some market research to avoid any type of cheating or fraud in purchasing game copying software. Such a research would enable you to purchase appropriate software from reputed dealer with all above necessary tools. This software is one easy investment that would enable you to save lots of money you would have wasted purchasing the PS3 games that got destroyed. It will also enable you to borrow games from friends and write it for you. Such copy of gaming is legal provided that you confine it to your home only and don’t make it public or distribute it to make profits.

Once you got this software, install it in you computer system and copy the original game files in to local hard drive of computer. From that, you can burn the game files on new blank DVDs or CDs to create a duplicate game discs. This is the popular method to backup PS3 games.

Before you start copying your PS3 games let me tell you that there is also a requirement to change the bios system of your PlayStation with hardware called modulation chip. This is a must to play some copied game discs on the PlayStation 3 console. It requires lots of soldering to game console and you would need expert technician to fit it. But these days, it is not required to that extent because the advanced software can create duplicate copy of games that the PS3 can easily read. That’s why you need to buy software which are facilitated with such features though it may cost you a little higher than the ordinary software.

Earlier, gaming enthusiasts had no option in their hands when they had lost or damaged a PS game CD except purchasing a new copy for lost or damaged game disc. But now the scenario has changed and if you have your backup PS3 games, you don’t have to waste money on same game. This type of PS3 game copying software will thus help you to save your precious time and money.

So, as a PS3 game addict, you should go with this type of useful copying software which would yield in time and money saving. And as a result of that, you can forget yourself in playing PlayStation 3 games without any worry that you feel with handling of your original game discs.