The problem I find is that technological instruments depreciate in value very quickly as technology increases. Technological advances are being made at a faster rate every year. Computer technology was doubling every two years and is now doubling every 18 months. The time it will take for computer technology to double in the next cycle will be quicker. Over time, the “new” feeling wears off and it eventually becomes just another tech gadget. They are impersonal items that often have complications. Tech instruments may be a nice thought, however, is it really a gift you want to give to that special someone?

Fine jewelry is a timeless classic and still remains on the top of the list for fantastic gift giving ideas. This is a personal item and it actually increases in value as time goes on. There is no risk for malfunction. It is something that will be cherished and even passed down over the years. Fine jewelry is one of the most cherished heirlooms passed down through generations.

I was fortunate enough to know some historians who shared with me some of their most memorable moments in the field. They were interviewing a 101 year old woman about her great-great grandmother. Two things stood out to them. One was the uncanny resemblance of the two ladies when compared to the photo that she brought to the interview. The other was the beautiful broach that had been passed down to her from her great-great grandmother.

The woman was wearing it in the photo, as she was sitting in the interview. She told a story of wanting to give it to her daughter, who had unfortunately passed away. Her granddaughter accompanied her to the interview. It touched the lives of the historians when she gave the broach to her beloved granddaughter. They found out that the lady had died later during the night peacefully in her sleep.

The granddaughter accepted the broach with teary eyes that day, promising to give it to her daughter at the appropriate time. The old woman may have never rested without relaying the story of the broach and its importance to her. She requested for it to continue to be passed down and that it should be treasured. Her great-great grandmother received it as a gift from her husband many years ago. What was cherished by one became cherished by many. Not only did the broach triple in value, it has a priceless sentimental value to the women in that family.