Phlebotomy Technician Schools: What Phlebotomy Tech Courses and Classes Are Available?

To become a phlebotomy technician you do not have to be certified or take any courses as most employers will train you to some degree to do what they want you to do. However, in order for your resume to stand out and get the opportunity to do the job you don’t want to rule out the possibility of becoming a certified phlebotomy technician.

If you have no experience working in the medical field it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take these phlebotomy technician courses so that you knew what you were doing. Here are a few of the basic course descriptions that you will find for a phlebotomy technician.

  • Medical Terminology: If you have never worked in the medical community this would be a good idea because it is sometimes difficult to understand what is being said if you don’t have any experience. Find out a way to get in to a course that will explain these things to you and see if you can’t learn a little before you get started.
  • CPR and First Aid: How to administer CPR is important to anyone who happens to be working in a medical facility as you will be expected to know this. First aid is going to cover some more basics for you that you would need to know and will be something you can use regardless of if this career works out for you or not.
  • Phlebotomy Basics: This is pretty obvious, it is important to know the basics of what you are getting yourself in to so you know if you can do it or not. This course will give you the idea of what a phlebotomist does every day and how a phlebotomy tech would be important in an office setting. Taking this will help you immensely.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: Like the medical terminology course, this course will give you a lot of basics about the body and make it where you can at least understand what is being discussed in the office. This will not make you any kind of expert, but at least you will know what is being discussed.

These are not all of the courses that will be of interest to you when you are becoming a phlebotomy technician but they are definitely the courses that will help you the most. This is a career to take seriously as you will be working with the blood of other people, which is not to be taken lightly. Take the right courses and you will be prepared for your new career as a phlebotomy technician.