Pharmacy Technician Jobs – Becoming a Pharmacy Technician

With health and wellness being of utmost importance to people today, many health and medical-related industries need more professionals and staff, and one such job is that of the pharmacy technician. There are several pharmacy technician jobs being offered almost anywhere in the country.

Pharmacy techs normally provide medication and a variety of products to patients, usually in hospitals, clinics or even in some drug stores. They work with pharmacists and doctors as they are assigned with tasks that deal with preparation of prescribed medicines given to patients and sometimes, they could also be involved with the preparation or compounding of medications.

In addition, they too can virtually do anything else that would assist the doctor or pharmacist that they are working with, oftentimes acting as some kind of gatekeepers or secretaries who make calls, maintain prescription inventories, coordinate activities of pharmacy clerks, process expenses and orders and help out with the management. Although pharmacy technicians do not counsel patients on their medications, most pharmacy technician jobs require them to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with patients, responding quickly and responsibly to their needs and helping them solve their problems.

If you are looking for pharmacy technician jobs, then you can expect that among the requirements would include being a high school graduate, and being able to complete some kind of pharmacy technician training program, and at times even having a pharmacy technician license for the specific state which you want to work for. What’s important of course is that you are able to perform various procedures in connection to providing pharmacy services, like filling out forms for customers and patients appropriately, knowing abbreviations and terminologies related to medicine and pharmacy, having a reasonable set of skills in using computers (since you may be asked to input or encode information) and also processes that involve the preparation, dispensation and distribution of medications under the supervision of a pharmacist. Customer services skills are found to be very helpful in this kind of job as well.

The job might entail shifting or regular schedules, depending on the employer. You may also be paid by the hour, especially if you’re having it as a part-time job. Some good companies also offer competitive compensation packages which include insurance, paid time off, pension, paid holidays and many others.