Are you one of them who find themselves sitting on the fence of career options? Do you love writing but just can’t see yourself writing a book, journal or for the media? Well, if you’ve got the passion for writing and the liking for various sectors, consider this: technical writing. A career in this field has got many advantages.

First, this job is one that is at high demand hence you would be guaranteed a solid career throughout your working years. You would also get to choose your method of working be it as a full time writer for a particular industry, a columnist or a freelance technical writer. In addition to that, you would be yielding a good income and it figures grow with experience. on average, a good writer can earn up to $90,000 a year.

Aside from that, you get to feel that great satisfaction. Once you’re done with your piece, be it in print, on screen or published, you would be able to feel the great satisfaction of knowing that your work helps many people and is the piece that informs others with their products or services.

Technical writers have got variety. They get to experience the advance world before many others. They are exposed to all the latest gadgets, discoveries, technologies and etc and learn about them before you do, then writing a general summary or a guide as to how to work the gadget.

Writing can be challenging at times, and you would need to put your flow of thought in order and the little pieces would need to fit properly. The challenge it creates keeps your job exciting so long as you’ve got the passion for writing. This gives you the energy and pumps you up to look forward to your job rather than to loathe it.

There are many advantages which comes along with the career of a technical writer, so if writing is your field of interest, do not belittle this job but take it on instead.