On Tech-Kids (Ages 3-9) Spending 2 Hours Daily on a Screen

Be a Digital Parent

Today, kids under 9 spend more than 2 hours on mobiles and tablets,says a reputable recent survey online. This tendency of screen-addiction for kids between ages 3-9 shows a sharp rise in 2011-when kids of the same age group used to spend 15 minutes per day on their screens. However, with a high 200{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa} increase in screen time usage in 2017, this is creating a high alarm among parents and has become a viral issue on social media.

Why do Kids do it?

The survey indicates that the possible reasons could be many, some logical and some forced.

  1. Enhanced digital awareness over the years can be one big reason.
  2. It is the age of technology and innovations. The technological revolution has swept away everyone, including kids under the age of 9.
  3. The schools arrange special technology classes, proper practical usage of mobile/tablet devices, also plays a vital role.
  4. The parents do not pay heed on fixing this ever growing issue, where their small kids/toddlers can use these devices.

Why Kids love spending time on the Screen

In the eyes of a kid under 9, life is just cartoons, games and fun apps. How can they miss out on their favorite TOM and Jerry cartoons, animated movies, exciting games and above all, just for the sake of adventure, they love it. These colorful cell phones and tablets appear attractive and fun to them. They are too young to “think” about the merits and demerits of technology. They just love the idea to have the world on their palm, play video games, and watch their favorite characters like Spider-Man, Superman to be alive with one tap on their screens. One cannot deny the fact that they are spot on in having their own fun time, however, without monitoring from the parents, this fun time could quickly turn into access to inappropriate content-accidentally it may seem.

Parents have a say about this

According to the survey, 80{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa} of the parents confirm that these digital kids love to spend more and more time on their screens. They like to toggle between games, children movies, animated movies, some study apps and the list carries on. These parents are a bit wary of this challenging situation, where their younger kids are frequently using these devices.

A striking survey result

In a shocking study of last month, much of the children (ages 8-11) enjoyed their Tv or video game in the comfort of their bedrooms. They spent massive time on watching TV or playing video games. This fact influenced their study, dinnertime, lunchtime and of course bedtime, leaving the parents scratching their heads on this marvel of technology.

Software apps come to rescue AGAIN

Thanks to the Software industry, we have a solution.Such perplexing situations demand prompt and perfect solutions. A parental control app can monitor, track and also give parents control over kid’s device. Kids under the age of 9 can learn Daily Time Limit by exclusive parental apps like FamilyTime or Qustodio features, where parents can set a daily time limit usage for the devices. It will change the life of a parent peaceful, and at the same time, the kids can learn responsible screen time usage.