Of course the old traditional methods are still applicable, but having a good know how about certain aspects of technology is a good way to boost those slim chances. Knowledge is power Рplease excuse the clich̩, but this statement is true and very much applicable on how to impress a girl.

Depending on the age bracket, the topics that most girls are interested in are usually about fashion, makeup, cooking and celebrity personalities. Though it is still possible to see a few girls who really know a thing or two about technology related subjects (like gadgets, mobile accessories computers, etc… ), but still, there are more girls who are more interested on the first mentioned topics.

Fortunately, almost every girl loves music. If the girl you like is considering buying a mobile accessory or is looking for ways on how to improve their sound experience, then this post is for you as this post will provide some useful and relevant information on how to impress a girl with sound / audio accessories.

Not all headphones are the same –

Some people may know it, but for those who don’t, headphones, earphones, and headsets are different from each other. Not all headphones and earphones can be used for phone communications and not all Bluetooth headsets are compatible with Bluetooth compliant phones.

Listed below are some important things that you can say to impress a girl when she is planning to buy new headphones:

  • Don’t go for the expensive ones as there are relatively inexpensive models that can produce the same sound output.
  • If it is a wireless headphone, make sure to check first the compatibility of the headphone with the portable music player. For the readers who are not aware, even though an electronic gadget has Bluetooth functionality but is not A2DP compliant, it will not work with wireless Bluetooth headphones.
  • Not all headphones can be used for calling purposes. Don’t forget to check this feature and make sure to check if it has active noise cancellation properties.

Bigger file size means better audio quality –

One factor why mp3 formatting has been largely popular is that because of its small file size it is possible to store thousands of songs on a portable device. Unfortunately, the smaller file size usually means that a lot of the songs audio properties have been lost when it was digitized.

So is it advisable to go for the mp3s with larger file size? To fully appreciate the song, then yes! Most portable music players have huge storage capacity anyway. Luckily some support expandable memory cards which obviously increase the number of songs that can be saved.

External speakers generally provide better and louder sound output –

Lastly, most girls wouldn’t give much attention to their computer’s audio setup. This is actually good news for you as it is a chance for you to educate them about the importance of external speakers. Obviously, external speakers are a much better choice when it comes to audio clarity and loudness. An internal speaker can only do so much, due to its volume limit and physical placement.

An external speaker can be placed anywhere and some even have cool, unique designs. Just like headphones, be sure to choose one that is relatively inexpensive but with decent specifications.

That’s it. Gentlemen, always be presentable, know her favorite type of music, and follow through with the info mentioned above. Good luck!