High Tech Print Textiles & Designs – 5 Rules For Creating Original Work For Companies to Buy Online

An overwhelming amount of prints and high tech designs available to buy online seem to be slightly changed to suit the intellectual agendas of companies avoiding copyright issues, or should I say lack of intellectual agenda in the ability of textile companies and design houses to actually create textiles that are unique and absolutely original from conception through to delivery.

The five most important rules of quality original textile & print design creation for companies to buy online are:

1. Be original as anyone can copy; so our rule is don’t copy, never ever. This includes the use of the internet for inspiration as this will result in influence and the last thing the world needs is more similar fabrics / materials. Look inside you; your life, your environment and get individual about your artistic expressions.

2. Choose your own color palette to suit your style and your vision of visual communication. Don’t look at colour forecasting, as after all you’re the creator, not the color forecasting company who makes money through companies lacking the balls to be original in high tech material designing.

3. Create an original artwork; this sets the foundation of the blueprint before the repeat is even considered. This can be done by hand with the use of pencil, pens, pastels etc or through a computer software programme that still allows you to be the one in control. Don’t use a programme which takes control otherwise you wont be original.

4. Play with the size, a great textile needs to be adaptable to the width of the material and / or product it may or may not be printed on. Therefore increase and decrease the design to see how it looks at various different sizes. The more you think about this now the less time it will cost later if changes need to made to suit your clients demands.

5. Go highly technical, you must stand out, simple creations are everywhere as simple is fast and easy to produce and reproduce. Quality takes time, technical outlines take time, and high tech creations stand the test of time!

Essentially all great high tech prints and designs require great thought and the application of the 5 processes above. This will help companies to buy online and help designers and students understand the mind set it takes to produce original artwork, whether it’s for the fashion world of textile printing or to adorn a consumer product.

Be proud to stand up and show your conscious choice to be original and unique in design.