This Dental Assistant Job Description Will Give You Details on What You Can Expect From This Job

The dental assistant job description varies depending on the dental office, the state where the office is located, and the amount of training and experience that the dental assistant has undergone. Dental techs are a vital part of any office. Often times they are responsible for keeping the office running smoothly, managing patient accounts, and keeping the patients calm and comfortable.

So, what kind of work can you expect from this job? As stated earlier, the duties of a dentist’s assisting technician can vary, but in most cases a dental assistant job description involves administrative work as well as assisting the dentist with dental procedures. Scheduling appointments, keeping track of patient records, accepting payments from patients, and ordering office and supplies, are some examples of the administrative duties that they are responsible for. An assistant’s job also consists of preparing patients for their appointment. This may include taking x-rays or impressions, numbing the area that the dentist will be working on, sterilizing any equipment that may be used during the procedure, and mixing any compounds that may be needed for either cleaning or filling teeth. The dental assisting technician also assists the dentist by giving him or her the proper tools needed during procedures. They also are responsible for keeping the patients mouth dry and free of debris while the dentist is performing the procedure.

What is the salary? At this time, the average assistant makes over $31,000 a year. The exact dental assistant salary may be more or less depending on experience, the state in which the office is located, and the dental assistant job description outlined by the office. Some are even considered the office manager, so they may make more money.

How does one become a dental assisting tech? Some states allow technicians to learn on the job, having nothing but a high school diploma, while other states require to become licensed or registered. Most community colleges and trade schools offer courses in dentistry. Many of them can be completed in as little as nine weeks. In some offices, radiological procedures are part of the dental assistant job description. In these cases, a radiation health and safety exam may be required. It is advised that you check your local state laws or get in touch with an admissions adviser at your local community college to find out the requirements needed in your state.