Hyderabad, the “Pearl City ‘, is the capital of Andhra Pradesh, located in the south. It is a beautiful city, which consists of a majority of Muslims and Hindus, with its famous Hyderabadi biryani cooking, popular throughout the world. The city is one of the largest metropolitan areas, with all modern amenities provided to its citizens in terms of transport, real estate, hotels, places of adventure, etc. The city’s largest cinema South-Indian country is also in Hyderabad, that is, unlike writing, which covers an area of 2500 hectares and has all the facilities needed to convert a script into the film. It has one of the best studies and adjustment as necessary to make a film of world class.

Hyderabad, that not all its qualities is the center of all IITians in the country, is also known as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology capital of India. This city has always been in the news due to technological developments and provides training facilities are excellent students. The city has several famous companies and technology as Maualna schools Azad Urdu University, Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India School of Business, International Institute of Information Technology, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Central University, National Institute of Education Pharmaceutical and Research, etc.

The main places where you can relax and meet the factor of enjoyment of life in Hyderabad Charminar, Golconda Fort, Mecca Msjid, Birla Mandir, Necklace road, Qutb Shahi Tombs, Hussain Nagar, Falaknuma Palace, unlike writing, Osman Sagar, etc. People who have busy day in the workstation can go to relax on the weekends at these places. The growth of the city is complemented by the availability of labor more enthusiastic and productive work that can be achieved by providing citizens with more opportunities to cast their levels of work stress. The qualities that the city seeks candidates for their job:

1 Persons qualified with degrees from top universities
2 Smart and creative thinking skills only.
3 Hard work and capable candidates with a vision-profit

Because most of the participation and connectivity of the city with the computer, Internet and global technology, is also known as Cyberabad, giving a great opportunity for all technology lovers in the country to improve and practice their talents in the number of firms in them. The different areas in Hyderabad that provides job opportunities to their candidates are:

1 Information & Technology
2 Biotechnology Industry
3 Industry Research
4 Pharmaceutical Industry
5 BPO and call center industry
6 Entertainment sector
7 Web Design
8 Software Developers
9 Telecom
10 Hospitality Jobs
11 Means of communication or journalism-related jobs.
12 Aviation and tourism industry
13 Real Estate Industry

The development of Hyderabad, a city of high technology has led to the opening of a large number of employment opportunities in the city to meet the requirements of many, not only related but for proper growth of the organization, than the engineers, lack of IT staff also plays an important role. Different companies, which can be applied for a job in Hyderabad, are:

1 Accenture India
2 IBM India
3 Microsoft
4 Honeywell
5 Tata Consultancy Services
7 Google
8 Computer Associates
9 From Bank of America
10 Amazon
11 Advanced Micro Devices
12 Converge
13 Infosys
14 Oracle Corporation
15 Cognizant Technologies
16 Hewlett-Packard
17 Deloitte
18 Dell
19 Agilent
20 Motorola

Hyderabad has always been the preferred destination for job seekers because it offers the full range of jobs to applicants. Therefore, one can lead to a brilliant career growth in the city.

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