Technical Communication – 3 College-Level Technical Writing Jobs That Pay Well

Some technical writing jobs require that you have a science background or that you are familiar with finance and banking terminology and know how the financial markets work. Here are three such well-paying writing opportunities for technical communicators with a college background.

1) Defense industry writing. Due to the recent political developments and wars, defense expenditures have went through the roof within the last decade. And all defense companies need technical writers, some with top-secret security clearances, to document their products and services. If you specialize in this niche, you won’t have too much difficulty in finding and holding a full-time writing job with good pay.

2) Financial writing. Even when the global financial markets collapse, there is still a great need to explain to the average taxpayers how to invest or not to invest their money, how to save, which alternative money management methods they should adopt, how to set up their retirement accounts and insurance plans, which financial products they should purchase and which ones they should avoid. And those are all information tasks that are handled by technical writers. If you combine your finance knowledge with copy writing skills and get into the highly-competitive Financial Newsletter writing niche, your income may rise even more rapidly.

3) Medical and Regulatory writing. This is one writing niche where the employers have more cash than they know what to do with it. Pharmaceutical companies, especially, are always solvent and they regularly need top-notch science-savvy technical writers to generate their regulatory documents. Without securing the approval of regulatory agencies no drugs can be marketed to the general public. Thus the work that medical writers do can be of vital importance for a drug company and that’s why medical writers are among the best paid hi-tech technical writers.