Samsung ML 1630 Printer- Sleek, Slim and High Quality

Good looking- The Samsung ML 1630 printer boasts with dashingly good looks, there is no two ways about that. This monochrome printer is sleek, slim, in a glossy black design with all the technology and electronics housed in modern double storey slabs. The printer dimensions are a super compact 13×14.7×4.8 inches. The size may be small but the value is big at under US$200.00.

Control Panel- If you are a little technologically challenged, you are in luck as the designers at Samsung have come up with a wonderful easy control panel with only two buttons and a LED screen for showing print status, options and other information in pictures and words.

Print Quality- Text, picture and graphic printing is slightly above average at 600×1200 resolutions. In terms of text printing you will not find more perfect printing, with blemish and blur-free outlines, even with almost microscopic font size, gray scale or web printing. Graphics and picture printing on the other hand you may encounter a bit of dithering and banding. However if you take into consideration that the printer is only a small office or home printer the quality is still very good. If immaculate graphics and photo printing is required rather invest in a colour printer.

Paper Type and Size- The greatest disadvantage the printer is it’s very low paper capacity of 100 sheet input and a mere 30 sheet output. Avoid the printer totally if you get bored quickly or are a little slack when it comes to paper loading. On the other hand the duty cycle of the printer is an above average 5000 pages. The printer accepts most of the media sizes including A4, A5, A6, Letter, Executive and B5. When it comes to paper types this little gadget can be a little fussy, rejecting thick media including envelopes and some cards. Other paper types accepted are plain, bond, recycle and label. The printers’ speed is not to shabby at 17 ppm text and 6 ppm graphics printing. However when compared to printers in the same price range it comes in last. A very big pro to the printer is its no-need for warming-up. It goes from start-up to first page print in under 7 seconds, no more waiting for 20 plus for warm-ups.

Port options- No old fashioned interface options here, included with the unit is super speedy USB interface connection for either your computer or camera. Cables are not included with your purchase.

Memory- Standard memory of 8 Mb’s is included with the device. Note that there is unfortunately no memory add-on options and you will be a little stuck in case of networking or general large print jobs.

Operators supported- The printer is compatible with all your well known operators such as Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh.

Guarantee- A twelve month guarantee comes standard with your printer investment. However you should keep in mind that the guarantee is very restricted in terms of parts and labour. Repairs and service should only be conducted by approved Samsung dealers as it can impact your guarantee with the possibility of rendering it void.

Toner – Samsung ML 1630 toner starter pack is included with your printer. The starter toner has a capacity of 1000 pages where the normal toner has a 2000 page capacity at a rather expensive US$ 70.00.