Pioneer Avh-P4300dvd – Review and Main Features

Refined display screen for AVH-P4300DVD

The actual display screen is now 7″ and that is more than adequate for all of us mere mortals. It includes Touch screen technology, of course, which is actually just a little upgraded in comparison to their older products. Now the monitor feels and looks far more like your smart phone having all of the tapping, dragging and also sweeping choices included. It has certainly rendered it even more user-friendly.

Menu navigation is certainly drastically much faster and song listing is really quick. The image resolution is common for these kinds of screen formats, WQVGA 480×240 pixels having 16:9 aspect ratio. The screen seems to be a bit brighter than the device’s forerunner nevertheless Anti-Glare covering operates just fine on the sun. During the night the video is fantastic with even more vibrant colorings as well as really clean videos.

A great detail which I loved about the latest Avh-p4300dvd is that the display screen may be electronically adjusted to 5 various watching positions. It is possible to also store multiple video configurations for numerous sources that you will use, such as your iPod device or maybe rear view camera which will saves you, a lot of time rather of adapting the image every single time you connect your favorite external gadget.

A fine touch is the method DVD and SD card slots are actually covered behind the display screen and are unveiled with a push of a button. Of course, you will find 5 different monitor colors, 4 different background pictures, 3 unique background videos along with 112 diverse key illumination choices to try out with if you get bored of all the completely new possibilities or just would like to get a new visual appeal of your automobile interior.

Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD compatibility

New Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD has been updated and is compatible with the vast majority of fresh portable accessories on the market so you shouldn’t have any issues with gadget connectivity. It really is quite friendly with Apple’s iPhone and iPod models that happen to be most frequent utilized gadgets all around the US. You’ll need an additional cable from Pioneer to attach them but it is worth the money.

With brand new Direct Control service for iPhone and iPod it is possible to control your device by working with your touch-screen display on your device. This really is nice for browsing your tunes or perhaps movies and will truly make your life easier. A great thing is definitely the Pioneer’s Pandora Link which permits you to connect with Pandora music service straight with your iPhone.

A great method to save your money with Pioneer Avh-p4300dvd is to make use of your iPhone Gps navigation in place of acquiring an additional gps component although that’s your own decision to make. It also offers an USB port which you are able to use to attach Mp3’s, media gadgets or possibly your photo-frame.

Supplementary seat screens, DVD and blue-ray players along with rear view cameras may be added through a couple of audio/video input and output ports in the rear. Really the only item that is certainly lacking is incorporated Blue-tooth and that is certainly a thing I personally don’t totally understand. Precisely why Pioneer decided not to include things like a Blue-tooth unit to a product which has all the other connectivity choices? This complication can certainly be solved by buying an additional Blue-tooth module from Pioneer but I nonetheless believe an internal one would be substantially more effective. The only good thing related to this is that you simply can transfer modules from your current Pioneer units, should you own one or two, on to your AVH-P4300DVD and save cash instead of shopping for a new one once again.

Audio and video using Pioneer Avh-p4300dvd

It’s armed with MOSFET amp which will deliver 50 W with 4 channels. Pioneer states 22 Watts RMS power but CEA states differently, 14 Watts RMS maximum power for 4 channels. Don’t get me wrong, this really is a lot more than enough for most speaker platforms, not talking about sub-woofers or super charged sound system. It may be fine tuned through 8-Band graphic equalizer manually or you can use the Easy EQ preloaded equalizer curves which can be a lot quicker.

The device comes with a capability for Pioneer Auto Equalizer device which you’ll be able to acquire in addition but that is only if you absolutely demand perfection. Pioneer has also integrated the Advanced Sound Retrieval service which restores sound quality lost in digital compression of music and it performs quite nice. You will not experience some big distinction but in case you pay attention very closely you may notice it.

Another useful feature certainly is the Sonic Center Control. It’s a listening position correction tool which makes it possible for you to tune your music output depending on exactly where you happen to be sitting. It offers graphical adjustment menu which is quite easy to work with and adjust how you or your passenger will hear the sounds from your Pioneer Avh-p4300dvd. It modifies the speaker timing based on your position which leads to enhanced sound quality. On the subject of multimedia compatibility Pioneer has performed a fantastic job.

The new unit is certainly completely up to date and can play virtually almost everything you insert in it. I’ve tried CD’s (R and RW), DVD s (also R and RW), Video CD’s, Audio CD’s, DivX videos etc. and had no difficulties with the playback even with aged and scratched discs. It also supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3, WMA and i Tunes AAC media file types and can show your JPEG images with no difficulty in any way. A nice detail is a built-in 96 kHz/24-bit D/A (Digital to Analog) decoder and a linear PCM decoder which functions extremely nicely.

In case you like listening to your FM radio it comes with Supertuner IIID with 24 stations/6 presets with RDS that is standard for this type of products. It has Best Station Memory which is a good thing to have and I actually appreciated it. In case you essentially like listening to the radio you are able to invest some more on XM satellite or SIRIUS satellite radio modules or a HD radio module but I’m not that much in to FM.

Thoughts and opinions on the new Avh-p4300dvd

All details taken into consideration, the new Avh-p4300dvd can be a fine improvement when compared with the old unit. It has much better connectivity, great large monitor, touchscreen functions and menus are particularly user friendly, supports every media file type out there and looks very good. The only issue that I didn’t like certainly is the absence of an included Blue-tooth module but other than that I really think Pioneer did another excellent job when talking about AVH series receivers.