Next Generation Augmented Reality (AR) Are Transforming Events

Imagine watching a cricket game and seeing all of the key statistics surround your favorite player without taking your eye off the game. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) aims to visually enhance the event experience through a heads-up display on any android or iPhone smart gadgets. Instead of marketing to consumers, however, AR & VR technology is able to help event organizers, sports managers, and advertisers a (sizable) premium for very high detailed analytics of knowing which performers are most popular and when. AR & VR are driving the next stage in the event experience with all its magic in it.

The recent making of the epic Indian historic movie Bahubali & Bahubali 2 are set example if advancements in using AR & VR in film making and its launch events. The high end visuals and trends of AR & VR have been use to its highness by the Rajamouli team of Bahubali. Not just allowing the audience in the movie to experience the reality in the movie but also in making them a later experience each time they play it their smart gadgets. The technology that powers the Bahubali VR comes from the labs of AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group. The 360 degree technology helps the director and the team to portray the film in every detail within a very short period of time.

Real estate are launching their project collaterals and material like business card, brochures etc., with incorporated AR & VR in the material. This 360 degree technology is attracting the investors to experience the realty of the construction at the same time without visiting the property just by using their smart phone or smart devices visualizing everything at a time. It’s the live action that matters. Users can then snap photos, and share with friends across the social media universe.

The AR & VR is creating a major space in the film, corporate, education, sports, games and many other industries. Scientists are encouraging this technology in their research as it helps them enhance the skills by better understanding the realities. Additionally, pictures snapped with AR & VR can be embedded with hidden metadata, and tracked as they travels throughout the Internet, giving more yet unknown insight into how their clients are perceived online.

Advances in AR & VR are truly exciting for the opportunities they signify. Imagine watching the Olympics and tracking how fast each runner is going as they sprint to the finish line, or watching a boxing match and knowing what each punch is and how much damage it is doing to the other guy. Or, we may never again have to ask who an actor is in a movie, simply point and see their entire history.

The future of augmented reality is the power of a film, sports announcer, and sophisticated gadget in your pocket.