Work of Technician

The basic job of a nail technician is to care your nails through different techniques like manicures, pedicures, nail painting, sculpturing etc. now day’s one more form of nail designing known as nail art is in fashion which is practiced on a large scale by nail technicians. In this, technicians apply different patterns on your nails with help of some special paints to make them look gorgeous.

Nail piercing is yet another domain which fetches huge money to technicians. Various nail accessories ranging from cheap stones to 18 carat gold rigs are used by technicians top adorn nails. Colored French manicure is also a prevailing trend these days and technicians use their creativity and cosmetology knowledge to make the best of it.


There are various courses at beginner’s level to be a nail technician. You can make good money if you work well with your creativity. Gel courses are best to start with. These are demand of the time and extremely famous among youth. You can complete this course in 60hours and it is very easy to learn.

Acrylics are the next best things to work with when it comes to nail art. It is classical nail extension system and is a craze amongst customers. It’s about 80 hour’s course and its difficulty level is a little higher than gel course. Fiberglass nail art is another type of nail technicians course which helps to give nails and ultra shiny and glossy look.

Profession of a technician provides various career opportunities for people who are creative and want to engage in the glamor world. Nail technician job description calls for a detailed eye. You should have a penchant for precision and accuracy.