Most Windows Users Do Not Prefer Any New Media Players

Strange though, but most of the windows users do not wish to switch to any new Media players. This is mainly because they fear that the new software would clash with the windows files and might end up in a complete mess. This fear keeps most of the Windows users, when compared to other operating system users, from any new Media application.

Windows media player is the most preferred and commonly used by windows users. Mainly because it comes from Microsoft itself and would not have any compatibility issues. There are many more and better Media players in the market like Power DVD or WinDVD plus etc. Most of these new applications are well tested on Windows platform and work perfectly with it.

This fear factor makes it harder for the new application companies to sell their product. On the other hand, Linux users or Mac users are more daring and prefer trying newer softwares on their systems. Thanks to the stability of these operating system and the way they work. In windows if anything goes wrong, a general user will have to reinstall the entire operating system. While in other OS like Linux, a simple removal of a particular application or process would resolve the issue.

Windows Media Player 11 is the latest release from Microsoft. Other reasons to prefer this application over others is its familiar interface. New releases of Media players do not have huge change in its look or interface. They are user friendly and cater to nearly all the Media needs.

Well, Everybody loves to have a stable system and stable applications on it.