How To Remove The HDD Defragmenter Virus From Your PC – Complete Removal

HDD Defragmenter may look like a legitimate tool, but it’s actually a fraudulent virus that’s installing itself onto 100’s of computers around the World every day and continually causing a large number of problems as a result. Known throughout the technological community as a “rogue antivirus program”, this software has been created to try and steal your personal information as well as to con you into buying the fake upgrade to the virus. In order to get rid of this program, you need to work to get rid of all the parts of it that it has placed onto your PC.

What Is HDD Defragmenter?

This is a clone of a common virus infection called “System Defragmenter”, and is what’s known as a “spyware” & “adware” infection. Unlike many typical viruses, which will just store a small file / setting on your PC, HDD Defragmenter places a branded software application onto your PC in order to try and lure you into buying the false upgrade to the program. This virus will generally install itself from infected downloads, other viruses and fake email attachments – automatically installing itself onto your system without your permission (or knowledge).

This virus is essentially a rogue software tool which will continually cause havoc on your system – making it vital you get rid of it completely and quickly to avoid any permanent damage to your PC. The good news is that there is a pretty easy way to remove this virus, even if you’re a computer novice.

How To Remove This Virus From Your PC

The recommended way to get rid of HDD Defragmenter is to use a type of software known as a “malware removal tool” to scan through your computer and get rid of all the infected parts of it that have been placed on there. These are reliable software programs which have been created to scan through your computer and get rid of all the infected parts of potential viruses on your computer. We’ve found the best tool to get rid of the HDD Defragmenter virus is one called “XoftSpy” – a popular program from a large Canadian software firm. To use this tool, you should download it onto your PC, install it and then let it fix any of the infections that your computer may have.