Golden Age of Global Expansion Doesn’t Apply to the US

Economic analysts believe that the global economy may have entered a “golden age” of economic growth. They have used economic growth, increasing wages, declining unemployment and overall wealth as its benchmarks. However, this “golden age” doesn’t extend to all countries and all industries.

The Top Ten Growing Economies:

1.) Guinea (18.9{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa})

2.) China (9.2{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa})

3.) Ireland (6.5{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa})

4.) Vietnam (6.0{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa})

5.) Sudan (5.6{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa})

6.) Maldives (5.4{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa})

7.) Chile (5.2{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa})

8.) Guyana (5.0{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa})

9.) Myanmar (4.8{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa})

10.) South Korea (4.7{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa})

Unlike these fast growing economies the U.S. is expected to have around 2.7{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa} growth rate in 2008. Some of the problems the United States faces are the cost of labor, heavy reliance on foreign products, declining educational standards, culture/value confusion and heavy debt of consumers. Even though the U.S. economy appears to be in poor shape some positive movements have begun.

The United States has been making efforts to reduce this declining status but it is questionable whether or not efforts will be successful unless the populace themselves are transformed. For example we are attempting to secure natural resources (or develop alternatives), gearing our industry towards high-tech products that can’t easily be copied, attempting to improve our education system and debates about what it means to be an American have grown. Ultimately it comes down to the will of the people.

Are the American people ready to engage in nation building efforts? People long for meaning in their lives but have not been provided this meaning through the media outlets. Many have learned that Media products such as music, television, pop culture and more have left them unfulfilled. However, it is questionable whether or not Americans have the ability to think in terms greater than themselves.

It is no doubt that people are less connected to each other than they have been in the past. This disconnection, fluid nature of society, and pop culture has created a society of people who are self-seeking. They are self-seeking because they have little responsibility towards their neighbors, their city, their state or their country. Before we can tackle our economic problems we will need to tackle the problems with our cultural values.

A pro-country and community orientated lifestyle will help people understand that their actions affect other people. We either swim together or sink together. Furthermore, such collaborative efforts help foster a sense of responsibility towards one’s community that can result in all types of civic improvements. As people focus on those community efforts under their influence the nation will experience its affects.