Florida Bachelor Degrees – Homegrown Undergraduate Education

With few exceptions, most degrees at the undergraduate level are offered in Florida. Colleges in Florida are usually accredited under the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Bachelor degree programs are offered in twenty nine different concentrations. These include everything from art to law to various health and social services degrees. A total of 169 colleges in Florida offer bachelor degree programs in one or more program areas. Of these schools, eight are liberal arts colleges, seventeen are public colleges, sixty two are private schools and there are eighty two career schools.

As might be expected, there are some bachelor programs that reflect the area in which they are offered. Several colleges offer undergraduate degrees in marine biology, marine architecture, wetlands and marine resources management. Degrees in environmental biology, energy environment and natural resources law and environmental toxicology and other expected science and ecological based disciplines are popular and expected.

Students in the colleges have the best of climate choices year round. Work opportunities at the colleges and in the surrounding communities are plentiful. Service industry jobs are common. Colleges are available in almost every location in the state so that students don’t have to go far to get a degree program.

Degrees in nursing, business, education, science, math, technology and the arts are the most common, but some of the more exotic degrees can be pursued in Florida. Broadcast journalism, media technology, architecture and landscape architecture are all bachelor degrees offered by Florida schools.

Florida bachelor degrees offer a good bargain for students. The quality of higher education is exceptional. Several Florida schools appear on the Best Colleges list published by U. S. News.