Breaking Down Glock Frame Sizes: Which Is Right for You?

Glock frames are the foundation of any Glock handgun. There are different frame sizes that accommodate various calibers and carry styles. Choosing the right Glock frame is an important decision that requires careful consideration. In this blog post, we’ll be breaking down the different frame sizes and helping you decide which one is right for you.


When it comes to Glock frames, the subcompact option is the smallest available. This size is perfect for concealed carry, as it is easy to conceal and doesn’t add too much weight to your holster. If you’re looking to build a subcompact Glock frame, you may want to check out They offer a wide variety of frames in various colors and materials, including polymer and aluminum. Keep in mind that with the smaller size comes a lower ammunition capacity, typically around 6-8 rounds depending on the caliber. This may not be a concern for everyone, but it’s important to consider your specific needs before choosing a subcompact Glock frame.


If you’re looking for something that strikes a balance between concealment and comfort, a Glock compact frame might be right up your alley. With a grip that’s shorter than the full-size models and a barrel length that’s typically around 4 inches, compact Glocks offer a lot of versatility. They’re easy to conceal with a proper holster, but still offer enough surface area to grip comfortably. The G19, in particular, is a popular choice for those who want the perfect combination of concealment and functionality.

As with the other sizes, the caliber options vary depending on the specific model. The G19, for instance, comes in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 Sig. The G23, on the other hand, is available in .40 S&W. While a smaller frame size can be appealing for those who don’t want to carry a full-size weapon, it’s important to note that a shorter grip can also mean a lower magazine capacity. Some people may be willing to make this trade-off for the added concealment, but it’s worth considering before making a final decision.

If you’re interested in building your own compact Glock, is a great resource for all your gunsmithing needs. They offer 80% lower receivers for several Glock models, as well as all the necessary tools and accessories to finish your build. Building your own firearm can be a rewarding experience, and allows you to customize your Glock exactly to your liking. Whatever your preference, a Glock compact frame is a great option for those who want a balance between size and functionality.


The full-size Glock frames are designed for those who prefer a larger grip and overall gun size. These frames are perfect for people with bigger hands or those who prioritize comfort and control over portability.

With the larger size, full-size Glock frames usually have larger magazine capacities. This makes them popular among law enforcement and military personnel who need to carry a larger number of rounds for potential high-stress situations.

Additionally, the larger frame size allows for more customization options, such as extended magazines, custom slides, and trigger modifications. Some enthusiasts even opt for full-size Glock frames to build their own custom firearms, purchasing 80% lowers from sites like

When choosing a full-size Glock frame, it’s essential to consider the caliber you prefer. Full-size Glock frames are compatible with a wide range of calibers, from 9mm to .45 ACP. The caliber choice ultimately depends on your shooting needs, as well as the ammunition availability and cost in your area.

Overall, the full-size Glock frame is an excellent option for those who prioritize comfort, control, and customizability in their firearms. As with all Glock frames, proper research and consideration are necessary to ensure the right fit for you and your shooting needs.