Better Customer Service With Hi-Tech Service Management Solution

Service management is growing important as the competition amongst businesses becomes more intense today with the advanced technology and easy availability of the Internet platform. Even small companies are reaping a host of benefits in implementing service management approaches such as software and procedures.


There are many attractive features in advanced service management software. Such software uses technology that is based on HTML5 browser; hence, there is no necessity in installing the apps to allow easier swapping of devices without a long time in downloading upgrades. These procedures become automatic.

Software that is designed to handle service management can utilize intelligent SMS technology that is based on two-way threading; conversations and outbound messages are matched on appropriate responses.

Supervisors are able to track the progress of any job at any time through the built-in mobile workforce tracking feature in the software. Surveys can be conducted easily as they are readily configured on the mobile device. Hence, supervisors and managers can track the work in progress and the performance of the servicemen to enhance the assets as well as to generate helpful analysis and planning of any job.

There are dashboard metrics and reports provided for a deeper analysis of the mobile workforce productivity to ensure better customer service.

Enhanced customer service

Service companies have no choice but to provide the best of services to maintain their current scope of customers besides attracting new ones. Effective service management is a known approach to achieving the desired outcome. One of the means of effective service management is the implementation of the right software in the system as technology impacts the business operations today.

Such software to enhance the services of a company is proven to increase the number of tasks or appointments to 98{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa} with a first contact while job resolution or confirmation is established on the first site visit with 95{40f8b9e939a1f8880e4e068699181ea0c065f7fafc0e6f64c88497a3f07e42aa}. The increased service efficiency significantly impacts the customer’s satisfaction and their loyalty to the brand or company.

Service teams have the relevant customer information at their fingertips during the site visit to make a consultation professional that the customer would consent to the service immediately. Customer service teams become more equipped to be more insightful on customer needs and requirements. Quality service management is essential when a lot of field service is required. The field service team

provides better customer service with up-to-date information supplied by the company’s call center.