Wyzo is a relatively new web browser based on Mozilla Firefox. It offers a wide range of features for downloading and managing all types of media. This web browser gives users the ability to browse the web securely using the latest protection technologies. Another notable feature is its customizable start page that includes 33 search engines. If you are looking for a simple change to your browsing routine, Wyzo is worth a try.

This innovative web browser makes use of existing pioneering browser technologies to develop unique media features. Its goal is to make web browser more enjoyable. Users can browse the Web along a 3D wall, zooming in and out on relevant pictures. Some of the browser’s main features include:

• Mouse gestures
• Extensions
• Use friendly interface
• Enhanced security features
• Social media features
• Bookmark manager
• Private browsing
• Quick switch tab
• Secure web browsing
• Cinematic web
• Supercharged downloads
• Media start page
• Separate search toolbar

Wyzo is powerful, flexible, and fast. It uses the same technology as Firefox, but builds upon it in a different way. The user interface is simplistic. Users can easily import bookmarks from other web browsers, view a history list of the last visited web pages, choose a preferred character encoding, and switch between active tabs. The browser’s latest versions feature a new theme in light colors, which is easier on the eyes. The private browsing mode allows users to safely browse the web without worrying about their search history, temporary Internet files, or cookies being compromised.

If you spend a lot of time on social media sites, then you should definitely check out Wyzo. It is faster than other browsers and uses a moderate amount of system resources. In addition, it is fully compatible with all of your favorite add-ons for Firefox. Its homepage features the most popular video content from various websites, as well as a variety of media-oriented search engines.

With mouse gestures, users can execute various commands. The browsers incorporates multi-source downloading to accelerate your web downloads and provide you with a smart, safe, and hassle-free browsing experience. Many users claim that Wyzo has everything that you could want from a browser. With Wyzo, you can watch your favorite music videos, TV shows, and movies from your browser. The program is only available in American English. Social media users will definitely enjoy its features and add-ons. The browser’s interface is easy to use so that anyone can surf the Internet and connect with its fans and followers on social media sites.