With an advent of power packed mobiles from all the leading manufacturers, the competition has turned even more fierce. As a matter of fact, the mobiles backed with advanced technology are proving to be the bestsellers in the market, by offering an easy and convenient mode of communication. The logic behind the increasing popularity of the high-end handsets are their affordable costs. And the same is true for the iPhone from Apple as well. One could say that the highly impressive features of the Apple iPhone has taken the market of mobiles to greater heights.

The Apple iPhone is a multimedia device that comes loaded with a multi-touch screen, virtual QWERTY keyboard and buttons. The QWERTY keyboard provides a user-friendly input method for experiencing the real feel of typing. The wide multi-coloured touch screen acts a brilliant display. The screen measures 3.5 inches that boasts of a high resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. The device is backed with a new Mac OS X based user-friendly interface.

This dazzling device acts as a digital camera for nature lovers and portable media player for the music lovers. In addition to the advanced multimedia messaging services, the iPhone is infused with advanced connectivity options. With its high-end functions, the device works both as a mobile and an iPod. Like any iPod, this device allows the users to maintain a music library that is their very own. On this gadget, with a smooth finger swipe, the users can sort the music library by songs, artists, playlist, genres, videos as well as compilations.

The Apple iPhone comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera for capturing the still images as well as recording video footage. The software incorporated within this gadget enables the users to upload and view pictures. The advanced photo management application provides the users with perfect finish in each and every image. This power packed gadget is available in a memory option of 4GB and 8GB. Therefore, without worrying much about the memory storage, the users can store the multimedia content including the images, video files and text messages.