A New Review of the Video Professor Computer Course

Becoming Computer Savvy Has Never Been So Simple!

Video Professor was first launched via infomercials, and the friendly gray haired Dr Phil look-alike is face known and recognized by the masses. In today’s computer age, it is detrimental that everyone knows how to use programs such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. If you don’t, you will be out of touch, outdated and unwanted in the work force.

With more people choosing to shop and learn online, the Video Professor has decided to join the party. His popular program has over fifty titles, and the courses can be done over the internet anytime of the day or night. This means everyone needing to learn from scratch or just brush up on their skills can find the time to learn.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of options for online courses: The best idea for newbie’s is to start with the basics, like the Windows courses from 98 through to XP. Other more basic knowledge titles include Outlook for learning email and Microsoft word for basic word processing skills and knowledge. With each course you will notice yourself becoming faster and more adept, and after you complete some simpler ones you will feel ready for anything.

Each separate title has over an hour of interactive computer lessons designed so you can learn at your own pace. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a more advanced user, you will definitely learn more than you thought possible. These courses have been tried and tested, fine tuned and tweaked until the online lessons available today resemble nothing but perfection. Mature age customers who thought they would never be able to master Microsoft Excel are now showing family and friends what to do with the program! It is so simple and self paced that children who want to learn software skills they will have for life can also take the courses successfully.

Think about the next employment opportunity that comes your way: How often is there a requirement listed that you have no experience with? With Video Professor you can get a head start and learn the full range of products available. If there is a position coming up soon, you could start the lessons now so you are up to date and ready for any software questions in an interview.

Some examples of programs you can master through VideoProfessor include:


Microsoft Money




Microsoft Word/Works

Video professor has been popular amongst stay at home mothers, and it is easy to see why! Of course there are many moms who want to perfect their skills with Photoshop so they can make slideshows and maintain albums with ease and creative flair. Imagine sending a DVD to all your close family and friends with video clipping and photos to music, all designed by you and filmed with your own digital camera? Knowing how to make Photoshop slideshows can mean great skills for adding a personal touch to family presents or simply impressing everyone with your computer skills.

Women returning to the workforce love Video Professor for the fact that they can easily start brushing up on their skills before they are ready to find employment. When the moment arises, they can apply for jobs they normally would have felt were out of their depth, and having expanded on their skills through web courses, they often receive more pay than before as well.

Everyone assumes all young adults now days are completely computer savvy. This is not necessarily the case, and some students who have always maintained more of an interest in arts or sports can often escape learning computers. The problems arise for them when they attend college and realize a certain level of software knowledge is presumed, and not much “catch up” help is available. Video Professor can come to the rescue, and any one can decide to improve their skills over the summer or even in evenings and breaks. It is important that you can approach assignments with confidence and aren’t put off by finding computers scary or stressful, and the key to overcoming the problem is knowledge.

The Video Professor has CD learning packages available such as “Video Professor, Learn Internet Tools” and others covering all areas of computer use. While these are fantastic courses for learning each individual area of specialty, choosing to join the online courses is much better value for money. Why pay at least $30 for one course when you can do them all online for so much less? The Video Professor is a reputable series of learning aids, and any format you choose will be valuable to you, but no one can deny the flexibility and worthiness of the complete online collection.

The easiest way to privately shed light on any dark areas of your computer knowledge is by taking online courses in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to have the latest technology or software, and the Video Professor offers pretty much every release you may have on your home computer for study. With each title taking a little over an hour, some people learn a few new software systems a night. Whether you like to rush through your lessons or prefer to take it slow to absorb every detail you can, these courses offer quality information that you will forever find useful.

You can try a sample online for free, and the courses themselves are very well priced. Currently when you visit the review site you can have the first ninety nine hours for ninety nine cents, and each month there after is under thirty dollars. You would never find a college course for such a low cost, and they can’t offer the flexibility either!