5 Things You Didn’t Know About Being a Veterinary Technician

Like all careers in the world, there are always a few facts which would make you go “oh, really?” or “well, I didn’t know that!”. If you’ve been thinking about veterinary technician career and don’t know much about it, there are a few things you ought to know so read on.

First, veterinary technician goes by a few other names such as veterinary technologist and animal health technician or technologist. However, it doesn’t go by the term of veterinary assistant as they are two different careers that have more differences than similarities. These differences are in terms of education requirement, credentials, job description, salaries, work place and job demand.

Next, you probably didn’t know that there is a veterinary technician oath. Not many institutes practice the use of this oath but it does exist and sounds like this; “I solemnly dedicate myself to aiding animals and society by providing excellent care and services for animals, by alleviating animal suffering, and promoting public health. I accept my obligations to practice my profession conscientiously and with sensitivity, adhering to the professions Code of Ethics, and furthering my knowledge and competence through a commitment to lifelong learning.”

Third fact would be that as a veterinary technician, you wouldn’t only be assisting in the medical room behind closed doors in animal clinics and hospitals; you would also have the opportunity to work in animal shelters, zoos, pet centers, farms and so on. The fourth fact would be that when getting an education, you would not be limited to attending a day to day campus as many institutes have placed themselves online! Hence, you can pursue your education with the click of a mouse from the comfort of your own home with distance learning.

Lastly, veterinary technicians don’t only help in treating the animals and taking down information, they also have the license to train the animals to do tricks, obtain better behavior and so on.

In conclusion, veterinary technician career is one that is interesting, exciting and worth the effort. So if your heart is in the right place for animals, give it a try!