It won’t be wrong if we call this age “Era of Innovations”. Each day you wake up and find that a new technology gadget has been innovated. The most talked about innovation these days is 3D notebooks. Before buying any technology gadget it is essential to look at the following points we will mention below and make an informed decision prior to purchase.

  • To understand how it works
  • What are important points which must be kept in mind before purchasing any item?

This article highlights the basic techniques which are used in manufacturing of 3D LCDs, important considerations to make before the purchase and recommendations based on commendable reviews.

The technique used in 3D laptops is designed on the principle of how we see things with our naked eyes. Our eyes are 3 cm apart from each other and hence they view different images which enable us to view things in 3 dimensions. Likewise the 3D technology use special glasses which produce different image on each eye and hence viewers can see a 3D image. The techniques which are used to manufacture 3D LCDs are shutter glasses and polarized glasses.

While buying a 3D laptop its specifications must be kept in mind. The first thing you must consider in checking the specifications is the processor used in 3D laptop. A processor of any reputable brand which provides processing speed higher than 2 GHz is a good option. Graphic card is another important factor which determines whether a laptop is worth buying or not. Make sure it enables you to play 3D games and view 3D films. A graphic card that gives you 30 percent more GPU power is the best choice. The size of screen and resolution is another important factor which must be considered before making any buying decision.

Recommended brands are Acer 3D Laptops, Sony Vaio 3D Laptops, Toshiba 3D Laptop, and ASUS 3D laptop. The best product for gamer enthusiasts can be ASUS G51jx-3D notebook. This notebook not only provides 4 cores i7 processor-720QM but two-channel 4 GB DDR3 memory and GeForce GTS 360M 1 GB graphic chip. Its screen size is 15.6 inch with high resolution which ensures good picture quality. Moreover its sound quality is amazing too. Hence it is a complete package in itself and a worthy investment.

3D laptops are a relatively new technology. There are only a few models on the market and some of them come with a hefty price tag. However, this is change by the month as major manufacturers are bringing out new models all the time. This is similar to the trend we saw when 3D TVs where first launched onto the market.